Jerusalem U Comes to MMY!

This semester, MMY has started offering a new class on Israel advocacy! Jerusalem U is a non-profit organization that is committed to strengthening the emotional and intellectual connection of young Jews to Judaism and Israel. Various topics are discussed in the class such as refugees, Israel’s establishment in 1948, Jewish and universal rights, Judea and Samaria, the Arab world and the regional conflict. Each topic is taught in a way that provides students with a methodology of how to communicate the facts.


Over forty girls attend this class each week, which is especially impressive because it is an elective offered during the lunch break. Girls enjoy this class because it is interactive and informative. Taught by Jerusalem U’s Zeev Ben-Shachar, the husband of our alumna Dyonna Ginsburg, lesson plans are based on news items, videos, interviews and interactive exercises. “Zeev teaches us how to communicate the facts to others and to not always be on the defensive, but rather, to learn to go on the offensive as well” Malka Marmer, a student in the class explained. Ilana Bauman, another student expressed, “Every class I feel even more obligated to know more and do more. It is a stepping stone in my education of Israel advocacy.”

Many seminaries and Yeshivot have Jerusalem U classes. Zeev explained that he appreciates MMY students’ high level of intellect, curiosity, and commitment to learning. He expressed his appreciation of the impressive Derech Eretz shown by MMY students such as bringing him water before each class and respecting each other, even when they disagree. MMY is happy to have Jerusalem U in our schedule and we look forward to continuing to share in this critical area of education. 

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