Safety and Security

Your daughter's safety and security is our absolute first priority.

securityAs a result, we adopt various policies and procedures designed to keep our students as safe as possible.  Please realize that these guidelines are not meant to supplant your role as parents - we fully support the primary right and responsibility of parents to make decisions regarding their children's safety.  However, we also take very seriously the responsibility with which you have charged us by sending your daughters to MMY.

MMY always instructs the students that all travel decisions must be made in conjunction with their parents and with their permission and blessing. We will supervise (but not police) students' Shabbat plans and will reiterate to them that their parents must be consulted as to where they plan to go.
There may be times when we may feel the need to issue a short-term restriction in response to a specific threat or temporary change in "climate".  If this need arises, we will notify the students via Whatsapp,  signs posted throughout the school and at daily announcements.

All of our tiyulim and school programs that travel "outside of normal civilization" are coordinated in conjunction with "Moked Teva". This is a requirement of being a program affiliated with "MASA". So if a school program is taking place you can rest assured that it is approved and under the ongoing supervision of security experts.